Friday, January 6, 2012

I made it...

For some reason I've been hit by the crafting bug lately... maybe the reason I haven't kept up with any of my blogs.  (actually I've been too busy with LIFE to do that!)

Anyway, I've become found of a site called Pinterest, maybe you've heard of it.  :o)  I find myself on there most of the time at work.  Bad, I know.  Sometimes I just need a breather, or something to entertain myself with. That said, I've come across several things that I like and have attempted to make them.  Two of those have been scarves.  I made a really pretty flower scarf (post to come later), and ended up making 5 so far, and I still have another to make that was commissioned by a friend.  And then there was a rope scarf that I saw, that I thought would be fun to try.  So I made it:

It wasn't hard, but did take a while to get everything cut and separated.  I've worn it twice now, and both times gotten compliments.  I really like the one that I saw on Pinterest (source link above), it is made of much more muted tones, but I like the way mine turned out.  I'm even thinking of making another one with just the blue and green yarns.  I might even get a couple other shades of blue and green to add to it.  We'll see...

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  1. Go you! That is adorable, and such a great way to add some punch to an outfit.